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Keep your mouth fresh and pain-free with regularly scheduled cleanings and exams to ensure your oral health is at its best!

Routine Dental Care


Repair chipped, cracked, decayed, or challenging aesthetic cases using durable, tooth-colored composites to rebuild and shape teeth for function and appearance.  Resin composite restorations are placed in a single visit and are ready to use immediately after being completed.

In some cases (repetitive chipping due to fingernail biting habits, pen chewing, ice chewing, etc), an even more durable restorative option may be recommended.

Restorative Bonding


Crowns (aka "caps") are used to repair severely broken or decayed teeth, protect teeth with large fracture lines from splitting, and improve smile appearance.  Bridges are used to replace missing teeth. More durable than restorative bonding, crowns and bridges can be made from a wide range of materials to be both strong and aesthetic.

Crowns / Bridges


Baby teeth (aka primary teeth) help children chew, speak, & hold space for permanent teeth. The American Dental Association & American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommend a first dental visit within 6 months after a baby's first tooth appears.  Similar to a well-child visit with your pediatrician, a dental well-child checkup is also an opportunity to ask questions you have about your child's teeth and dental care.

Child's First Visit


Missing teeth can greatly impact your quality of life, as teeth are designed to work together when chewing & speaking.  

Where possible, dental implants make an excellent option for replacing missing teeth and restoring your mouth to optimal health.  Other options include bridges or dentures (complete or partial), aka "plates".  Our dentists are happy to discuss available options for replacing missing teeth with you.

Dentures / Implants


Looking to brighten your smile? 

We offer at-home tooth whitening using custom-made trays, as well as in-office whitening options.  At your request, our dentists can evaluate your teeth to determine if whitening is right for you!



Dental veneers are professional-made, thin, durable porcelain overlays bonded to the front surfaces of teeth to create a more attractive smile and improve cosmetics.  They can be used to fix chipped, worn, broken or permanently discolored teeth.  They can also be used to close uneven spacing between teeth, correct crooked or misshapen teeth, or improve smile shape. 



In addition to treatments already listed, Sparks Family Dental providers also perform simple extractions, anterior root canal therapy, fabrication of custom nightguards, and many other procedures.  We make it a point to help educate and explain treatment options, so you can make an informed decision regarding your care.



Payment Options

We accept all major credit cards, cash, money orders and personal checks.

We are a participating provider for most major insurance companies.
Our office may not be In-Network with your insurance provider, however, you can still utilize your benefits with us.  Even with non-contracted insurances, patients find their policies offer Out-of-Network benefits.
We will file a claim to your insurance company as a courtesy.

We offer a discount to our non-insured patients who pay in-full at the time of service.

We also offer Care Credit for those patients who desire a payment plan (with up to 12 months interest free).

Insurances Accepted

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